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We ask that you please understand and appreciate that The Business Junction is NOT endorsing the Ebooks, Programs or Scripts of any of these listings and we leave it to our readers to determine how valuable the information is to them. Also, please keep in mind that we cannot control the content of any listings.


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Internet Resource Guide

"Whether You're A Newbie Or A Veteran Webmaster This Guide Is The Perfect Desktop Companion!"

Another year, another great edition!

The Internet Resource Guide is bigger and better than ever. And what better way to properly celebrate 2004 than to introduce three new valuable features!



The Ultimate Traffic Secret
By Paul Barrs

Let the creator of 'Home Business Mastery' show you how to boost your web site traffic FAST! Use this little-known Ultimate Traffic Secret to melt your Hit Counter with QUALITY leads!


"How I Started My Own Home Based Business"
With Matthew Lesko

"Read This Step by Step procedure on how I started one of the most successful information brokerage businesses in the country, and how I did it all from a one bedroom apartment. The basic philosophy and principals I discuss to apply to any home based business. Read this carefully. It will give you ideas for a potential home based business in the information industry. But more importantly, it will arm you with the courage and know how you need to take advantage of all the other help and information you need to get your home business started!"



Rebrand Profits
By Gary Huynh

The Rebrand Profits E-Book details how to make money promoting affiliate programs using free brandable e-books. Rebrand the links in this book, then use the FREE sales tools included to begin your viral marketing money machine!


Opt-In Secrets!
by Bryan Winters

Learn how to build a killer opt-in subscriber list. In order for you to start collecting email addresses, you'll first need to set up a system that will enable your visitors to submit their information, automatically subscribe to your list and enable you to send out messages.






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But It's Your WORDS That Will Do The SELLING!

This collection of time-proven power-selling words and phrases will not cost you a dime.

But that doesn't mean they're worthless . . . in fact they are literally priceless! The turn of just a few words can make the difference between advertising success and financial failure.

So . . . placing a value on using the right words in your sales copy is like asking how high is the sky!

And in a couple of minutes you're going to get a huge collection of the most powerful sales-making words in the history of free enterprise . . . with our compliments.

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Ad quality is much more important than ad quantity. 


Unleashing the Ideavirus by Seth Godin

The #1 most downloaded eBook in history! With 193 pages, Unleashing the Ideavirus is a book filled with powerful and practical advice for business.


Shockin' & Rockin' in 2004

Protect Your Flash & Audio Content -
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Does Your Site Use Streaming Video? Streaming Audio? FLASH? If so, this great new report is a MUST-READ! Avoid the dreaded new "Dialogue Box of Doom" with some easy-to-follow coding changes that will keep your site Shockin' & Rockin' in 2004!


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